Parking Lot Paving Services

Commercial paving services for asphalt and concrete parking lots.

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A freshly paved parking lot will enhance the appearance of your business and mitigate liability risks from potholes, cracked curbs, and more. If your commercial parking lot is in poor condition and you are receiving complaints from customers, our team can help.

Our Parking Lot Paving Company in Ontario

CSL Group is able to provide high-quality paving services for asphalt and concrete parking lots on your commercial property in Ontario.

Whether you need to completely redo your parking lot or repave a small section of walkway or sidewalk, our team will complete the job on budget and on time. Make sure that you’re working with a company that will do a thorough and professional job, so your parking lot is built to last.

Our team’s commercial parking lot paving services include completely demolishing and removing material from the old lot, as well as performing prep work and resurfacing for the new lot. We will also apply asphalt patches and pave selected areas as needed. Overnight or off-hour paving services are available on request.

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Our Parking Lot Services

CSL Group offers a range of services for parking lots on your commercial property. We can handle any scope of project, from full resurfacing to minor repairs and maintenance. Our team is trusted by top commercial properties across Ontario.

We use our own fully-insured crews and equipment to provide complete accountability and offer quick response time for sites across Ontario. Whether concrete or asphalt, we will ensure the paved surfaces on your commercial property remain in good condition year-round.

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