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Overseeding and slit seeding services for your lawn.

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If you want to maintain the condition of your grounds and reduce your efforts in the battle against weeds, seeding is an essential component of your lawn care program. Proper lawn seeding will improve the health and the appearance of your lawn, and increase turf density to guard against weeds and pests.

Lawn Seeding for Your Commercial Property

CSL Group provides professional lawn seeding using only 100% certified seed varieties for our clients in Ontario. We take this specific approach because it helps to:

  • Introduce more environmentally-tolerant grass varieties
  • Strengthen the overall turf by increasing the genetic diversity
  • Improve appearance by filling in bare and weak areas
  • Reduce the chance of weeds sprouting up and taking hold

As your lawn ages, grass plants will naturally weaken and may die, which can lead to a thinner and unsightly lawn. We recommend seeding your lawn on a biannual basis in both the spring and the fall for consistent, long-term lawn health.

In addition to standard overseeding, we also offer slit seeding as an option for lawns that need some extra help. This approach is generally recommended for thinner lawns that do not offer sufficient cover for the typical seeding process.

When slit seeding, our team uses specialized equipment to create precise slits in your lawn and plant seeds into them. This process protects the new grass seeds from the elements, birds, and other animals, placing them in closer contact with the soil to increase the chances of healthy germination.

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Our Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

Since 1986, CSL Group has provided commercial landscaping and lawn care services for properties across Ontario. We have the expertise to deliver efficient, reliable, and top quality care within your budget.

We understand that taking care of commercial properties means providing an array of services, based on the specific situation. Our qualified crews have the professional equipment and the experience to respond to any issues and address challenges as they arise.

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