Commercial Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn mowing services for your commercial property.

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Do your lawns get overgrown or ragged-looking over the course of the year? If so, you would benefit from more reliable lawn care services for your commercial property. Commercial lawn mowing services will ensure that your property is always looking neat and well-maintained — at any time of year.

Lawn Care & Fertilization

CSL Group provides professional lawn care fertilizer services for commercial properties across Ontario. We schedule fertilizations throughout the season to coincide with seeding, aeration, and other key lawn care services.

Our experienced team will adjust the fertilizer formula that your lawn receives on each visit, based on the season and the type of weather your location has experienced. Fertilization will help to:

  • Increase turf growth and colour
  • Increase turf density
  • Decrease turf loss due to environmental factors
  • Increase your turf’s resilience to disease and insect damage
  • Ensure your turf receives the essential nutrients for healthy growth

Leave it to us to ensure that your property’s grass stays greener than your neighbours. Add fertilization to your property maintenance plan today.

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Our Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

Since 1986, CSL Group has provided commercial landscaping and lawn care services for properties across Ontario. We have the expertise to deliver efficient, reliable, and top quality care within your budget.

We understand that taking care of commercial properties means providing an array of services, based on the specific situation. Our qualified crews have the professional equipment and the experience to respond to any issues and address challenges as they arise.

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