Stormwater Management in Ontario

Effective stormwater management solutions for your property.

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Excess stormwater can create significant issues for commercial or municipal properties, leading to soil erosion, flooding, overloaded public sewer systems, or the pollution of nearby waterways. It is essential to have good stormwater management systems as part of any major landscape construction project. Poor management can lead to significant issues and future costs.

Professional Stormwater Management Systems

At CSL Group, our team can construct a variety of stormwater management systems, including catch basins, cisterns, ponds, sewers, and other water-related structures.

We have worked with major municipalities across Ontario to build stormwater management systems for parks and other infrastructure. Our team is able to implement existing plans, based on third-party designs, and make informed recommendations by drawing on our extensive experience in the industry.

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Improve Your Stormwater Management

It is important for any landowner to understand the movement of water on your property. If you have issues with stormwater management, our team can assess your current situation by monitoring grading, water flow, and runoff issues.

After taking an expert look at your stormwater management systems, our team will develop a plan to address any outstanding issues. This scope of work can be included as part of an ongoing property maintenance plan or provided as a one-off, based on your current needs.

Make sure that your property is not at risk due to poor stormwater management. Schedule a no-obligation consultation at your site to get the complete picture.

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Our Construction Services

CSL Group has the expertise to complete construction projects of all sizes and will deliver results on spec, on time, and on budget. Our company has in-depth experience working on major municipal and commercial projects with architects, engineers, and designers across Ontario.

From initial project planning to the completion of final landscaping, we will work to make sure everything meets your project specifications. Our experienced project managers will communicate closely with you throughout the process to provide total peace of mind.

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