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Ice management and de-icing services for your property.

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Snow removal and ice management is more than just clearing sidewalks. While accessibility is important, the liability concerns are what will keep you up at night. That’s why controlling the ice on your parking lots and walkways is a core part of our snow removal services — and how we help to provide our clients with peace of mind.

De-Icing and Ice Management for Commercial Properties

At CSL Group, we provide complete ice management and de-icing services to ensure safety, reliability, and protection for your property. We understand the importance of risk management and we know that potential slips and falls are a significant concern for property managers.

Our de-icing services allow you to rest easy, knowing that your employees, visitors, tenants, and customers will be protected from the hazards of winter. Our team are Smart About Salt certified contractors with an in-depth understanding of how to evaluate on-site safety concerns and address them proactively.

Our de-icing services include:

  • Daily monitoring with detailed reports
  • State-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment
  • Anti-ice and de-icing materials, including environmentally-friendly options
  • Material stockpiles across Ontario to ensure steady supply and fast turnaround

We use a wide range of materials to reduce ice buildup, including liquids, sand, pickle mix, urea, calcium, and beet juice. Environmentally-responsible alternatives include potassium acetate and sodium formate. Contact us for questions about our de-icing methods.

Our Snow Removal Services

CSL Group offers industry-leading snow removal and ice management services for commercial, municipal, and institutional clients across Ontario. Our team is trusted by government embassies, airport facilities, and major trauma hospitals in Hamilton and Burlington.

CSL Group mitigates your winter liability risk. Our team will take on the liability and risk management to provide you with total peace of mind. From top certifications and equipment to 24/7 emergency response, we have what it takes to handle commercial snow removal and ice management on any type of property.

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