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Professional asphalt parking lot repair and sealing services.

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Asphalt cracks and other damaged areas of your parking lot are not only unsightly, but also pose a serious liability risk if they continue to develop. That’s why it’s important to act quickly and repair the damaged areas of your parking lots to avoid problems down the road. Protect your visitors, tenants, and customers from accidents resulting from potholes and damaged pavement on your property by contacting CSL Group today.

Parking Lot Repair Company

CSL Group provides professional asphalt repair services for commercial parking lots in Ontario. We understand the risk of accidents associated with paving cracks on your property, and we can take the necessary steps to keep your parking lots absent of potential liabilities.

Cracks in the surface of your parking lot allow water to pool and moisture to seep into the foundation. This process will cause further cracking, potholes, and eventually a major pavement breakdown unless addressed quickly.

If you don’t repair asphalt cracks right away, the repairs can worsen and become a substantial expense. In some cases, you may need to completely repave your parking lot. Fortunately, parking lot repairs, sealing, and maintenance are fairly economical ways to maintain the integrity of your pavement and extend the lifespan of your parking lot.

Our parking lot repair company will get your paved areas back to good condition. We can fill potholes, smooth raised areas, and perform other patch repairs at a time that best suits your business. We will even work overnight or during non-business hours to mitigate our interference with your customers or tenants. To get started, contact us to arrange a site visit to assess the damage.

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Commercial Parking Lot Repair

Your parking lot is the first thing potential customers, tenants, or employees see when they visit your property. Improve curb appeal and brand image by ensuring that your commercial, municipal or industrial parking lot is maintained, and avoids liability.

Sun exposure, gasoline spills, heavy loads, and regular wear and tear can damage your parking lot. We offer parking lot repairs and maintenance to reflect the professionalism of your business. We have the top-of-the-line repair equipment and skilled crews to tend to your commercial lot, whether it is a single level, multi-level, or underground parking.

We also provide curb repair, signage, bollards installation, and line painting to distinguish accessible parking spots, priority parking, fire lanes, and more. We will tailor our parking lot repair services to your unique needs.

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Our Parking Lot Services

CSL Group offers a range of services for parking lots on your commercial property. We can handle any scope of project, from full resurfacing to minor parking lot repairs and maintenance. Our team is trusted by top commercial properties across Ontario.

We use our own fully-insured crews and equipment to provide complete accountability and offer quick response time for sites across Ontario. Whether concrete or asphalt, we will ensure the paved surfaces on your commercial property remain in good condition year-round.

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