Asphalt & Concrete Curb Repair

Asphalt and concrete curb repairs for your commercial property.

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Do you have issues with cracked or broken curbs in your parking lots? Well-maintained curbs and pavement demonstrate that your business pays attention to the details and cares about safety and appearance. Curb repairs will boost your commercial property’s appearance and help to prevent injury and liability risks.

Our Curb Repair Services in Ontario

CSL Group provides asphalt curb repair and concrete curb repairs services for commercial properties in Ontario.

It is important to prevent property maintenance issues from dragging down the overall impression of your property. Curbs are often cracked or broken during the winter months, so it is preferred to reassess their condition in the spring.

Broken curbs can allow water to seep through the pavement which can lead to future issues with damage to your parking lots, sidewalks, and walkways. Damaged curbs also present a liability concern for slips and falls on your property.

Our team is available to perform curb repairs with quick turnaround. We will always try to schedule our visit at a time that’s convenient for your operation, including overnight or off-hour service. Schedule curbs repairs for your property today.

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Our Parking Lot Services

CSL Group offers a range of services for parking lots on your commercial property. We can handle any scope of project, from full resurfacing to minor repairs and maintenance. Our team is trusted by top commercial properties across Ontario.

We use our own fully-insured crews and equipment to provide complete accountability and offer quick response time for sites across Ontario. Whether concrete or asphalt, we will ensure the paved surfaces on your commercial property remain in good condition year-round.

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