Catch Basin Cleaning, Installation, and Repair

Commercial, municipal and industrial parking lot catch basin services

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Catch basins are an essential component of the stormwater management system for your commercial property. Properly installed and maintained catch basins will help prevent standing water in parking lots and reduce the deterioration of pavement surfaces.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Proper drainage can be impacted if catch basins have not been cleaned or maintained, especially at a commercial or municipal level. Built up debris is often not visible until it is too late and catch basins become flooded during a storm. That’s why it is important to clean catch basins at least once a year.

Contact our team today if you have a catch basin on your property that has not been regularly maintained. At CSL, our team will conduct a full inspection of your catch basin, then empty and clean it to ensure you are prepared in case of severe rainfall. Contacting an experienced catch basin cleaning company to perform regular service will help protect the integrity of your parking lot and piping, which can prevent liability and property damage. If necessary, we will replace your grates if they have become damaged or no longer meet your needs.

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Our Catch Basin Installation and Repairs

At CSL Group, we provide catch basin installation and repairs for a wide range of properties across Ontario. In addition to third-party designs, we can provide trusted recommendations on both the correct placement of catch basins and installation best practivces.

If you’re experiencing issues with an existing catch basin in your parking lot, our team can provide expert advice on repairs and long-term maintenance. Cracks around your basins, sinkage, or deterioration of any sort can be a sign of future structural failure. These issues can lead to standing water, damage to pavement surfaces, and potential flooding to nearby buildings.

Our maintenance program can prevent a range of issues with catch basins. We’ll monitor your property’s basins on an annual or biannual basis, assess their status inside and out, and correct any issues before serious problems occur. Our maintenance program includes:

  • Monitoring catch basins
  • Assessing problems with catch basins
  • Cutting out the old or cracked asphalt
  • Regrading pavement areas for drainage
  • Installing fresh asphalt pavement
  • And more

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Our Parking Lot Services

CSL Group offers a range of services for parking lots on your commercial property. We can handle any scope of project, from full resurfacing to minor repairs and maintenance. Our team is trusted by top commercial properties across Ontario.

We use our fully-insured crews and equipment to provide accountability and offer quick response time for sites across Ontario. Whether your parking lot is concrete or asphalt, we will ensure the paved surfaces on your property remain in good condition year-round.

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