A well-kept lawn can make almost any property look stunning and provide a space for people to relax and play...all while producing as much clean air (or even more!) as trees!

When I think of perfect grass, I think of golf courses. Golf courses must keep their grass green, lush and weed-free at all times. At CSL Group, we can help our clients keep their green areas looking as good as golf courses — and we do so by following some simple, but essential steps:


Aerating in the early spring allows the soil to loosen up so that it can absorb the nutrients and moisture that we’ll get into in some of our next steps. A landscaping company can do this quickly for you, but if you have the right equipment, you can go for it yourself.


Over-fertilization is an all-too common problem. The fact is, one good fertilizing in the spring can be enough for your lawn. Now that your lawn has been aerated, it’s ready to absorb a moderate amount of fertilizer. Our preference is to use a slow-release fertilizer, evenly spreading it with a rotary spreader or drop spreader.


While some people just go out and push the mower around until all the grass is cut, it’s better to be thoughtful about what you’re doing.

  • Start off by keeping your mower blades sharp – after all, disease can enter your lawn more easily if a rough mower blade creates a jagged cut in the blades of grass.
  • A nice, moderate length of about three inches is best for your lawn, so set your mower’s height accordingly. At this length, it can better stave off weed growth and can catch the nutritious rays of the sun.
  • Change up your mowing patterns – it’ll keep your lawn looking much more attractive. If you always mow in the same direction, that’s the direction the grass blades will lean. When you change it up, they stay straighter.
  • Some people like to rake the grass clippings after they mow. We like to keep clippings where they lie, on top of the grass, so the existing grass can feed on the nutrients.


Grass needs about 1” of water every week. Too much or too little water can harm your lawn — so we recommend getting a professional to set and adjust your sprinkler system. This will make sure your lawn is getting the right amount of water and can potentially save you money!

And what about weed control? Here in Ontario, we can only use a handful of mild weed control formulas. What we tell our clients is that while we certainly offer weed control, the most effective way to get rid of weeds is by pairing weed control formulas with proper lawn care — since a healthy lawn will make it harder for weeds to grow and spread.

Making your grass look as good as a golf course is not very complicated, but it takes time, effort and experience. If you’re a property manager and you want passionate and dedicated professionals handling your lawn, CSL Group would be happy to help you out.

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