Safety and Security Issues

Security and safety issues can arise unexpectedly sometimes for businesses, like when dealing with building property damage for example.

Your premises simply have to be kept secure for as long as it takes to return things to normal. Or perhaps you’re having work done overnight and need reliable people to help keep your property safe and secure.

CSL Group has the capabilities to watch over your grounds, at all points needed, so that you never have to worry:

  • Temporary security guards
  • Secure premises monitoring
  • Loss prevention
  • Security system hardware checks

Other miscellaneous services:

  • Overnight light inspections
  • Property inspections (including safety and hazard issues)
  • Vacant unit inspections
  • Notice delivery

Our goal is to keep you operating at your best at all times, with safety maximized and loss minimized. Contact us if we can be of service with the security of your property.

Our property services include: