Property Services

The most comprehensive property care service for businesses and organizations, CSL Group does it all. If you have a tangible problem on your property, CSL Group takes care of it. From issues on the building itself to the very outer edges of your property and all the features in between, it’s part of our roster of services..

What CSL Group customers appreciate the most is no longer having to monitor and manage their property care. They know we’re on the job. We’ll see what’s needed before it’s a problem and get it taken care of. 

  • Province-wide service – we have the equipment, crews and the infrastructure needed for services throughout Ontario
  • Fast response – call response system is extensive and issues are dealt with promptly
  • Subcontractor accountability – if they are required, we only use known and proven subcontractors/specialized tradespeople
  • We take the monitoring of your property seriously. Our people care about the smooth operation of your business.

Our property services include: