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Maintenance Working Foreman

Reports To:

Operations Manager


The Maintenance Working Foreman is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and enhancement of properties and ice rink facilities. The incumbent is required to comply with all required safety and work regulation policies and to report non-compliance and/or concerns to the Operations Manager. All work crews and individuals on-site take direction from the Maintenance Working Foreman, who is responsible for assigning required work and applying resources to accomplish that work. Maintenance Working Foreman are responsible for the efficient use of labour, machines, and materials by their crews, and will report on such things as personnel, costs and safety. The Maintenance Working Foreman may be required to assist in other work on as needed.

Job Duties:


Work Conditions:

Work Perks:

Other companies may call this job: Full Time, Full-Time, Landscape, Landscaper,Construction, Foreman, Lead Hand 


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