Health and Safety Policy

It’s a win-win situation

SCOPE: This policy applies to all grounds and locations of work occupied by CSL Group and its subsidiaries.

POLICY: A healthy and safe workplace benefits both CSL Group and its employees.

It is the policy of this company to:

Establish a healthy and safe environment
Provide an environment as free as is reasonably possible from fire and security loss
Ensure that design of work environment considers individual employee capabilities and limitations; and
Strive towards eliminating personal injury and workplace illness.

At each location, the full endorsement and backing of this policy by the senior site manager. All middle managers/supervisors (Forepersons) shall be made clear.

In order to fulfill this responsibility, each site manager will select and use staff persons to help implement this policy, and to coordinate and promote safe and healthy work practices.

In addition to assigning staff responsibilities, each site manager should have a written health and safety policy and program. The program shall ensure compliance with applicable provincial, federal and local heath and safety laws and regulations.

All middle managers/supervisors (Forepersons) at each location will be held accountable for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. (Whether it be shop/yard, office or other work site).

Each individual employee will also be responsible for the effective implementation of the policy. Each employee must personally conduct himself or herself in a manner that promotes safe conditions and actions. Each employee must also accept responsibility for bringing to the attention of the middle manager/supervisors (Foreperson) any condition or practice that is not in compliance with this policy.