So far it's been a pretty wild winter in Southern Ontario. We've had significant snowfalls followed by thaws, then slippery freezing rain followed by deep freezes and more snow. Quite the roller coaster. But at CSL Group, we love roller coasters – especially winter weather ones.

For us, it just means a fun challenge to ensure we keep up with the properties we look after, and we love to rise to the occasion. After all, we have a team certified in the Smart About Salt Program and Advanced Snow Managers on our staff. And, personally, I love being outdoors, no matter what the season is.

Part of that challenge is to be flexible, able to react as soon as possible to whatever comes at us. And we like to extend that flexibility to our clients as well. That's why, when you're planning for snowfalls, we offer a number of different snow removal contracts for you to choose from.

Here's a rundown of the contract choices we've put together for you, so you can take advantage of our suite of snow and ice removal services:

  • All inclusive: If you want it all, we'll do it all. For one monthly fee, we take on all liability for any winter weather issues on your property. Your property manager doesn't have to do anything but expect us to show up when we're needed to remove snow and de-ice. And if you're an all-inclusive client, you get top priority when there's a big snow storm.
  • Salt extra: Here, the customer assumes liability and each visit for snow removal and de-icing is a little more expensive. Bills can vary depending on the severity of storms and how often they occur.
  • Salting as required: With this contract, we assume liability, and we charge for each application of salt. Each time we apply it, it's a little pricier.
  • Salt on request: You can call our 24/7 snow hotline and ask us to come out and salt your property. This is a little more expensive and, since our all-inclusive clients have to be our priority, we can't make a time guarantee. Also, keep in mind salt prices can fluctuate during shortages.
  • Monthly per service: While the customer takes the liability, you can save a little money here in the long run. However, when the customer has liability, it can be expensive for them if there are any issues. After all, winter services are as much about managing risk as they are about actually plowing and salting.

Whether you have a sprawling property or something a little more intimate, a huge budget or you have to watch your spending more closely, we're ready to deal with the white stuff and the slippery stuff – and there's a contract that will work for you. In the end, you'll get to worry less about the snow, so maybe you'll have a little more time to have fun with it. Strap on those skis and hit the slopes – up and down you'll go, just like this crazy roller-coaster winter.

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