Not long ago, I wrote a post about common parking lot problems. In it, I mentioned that the average 4-6-inch asphalt parking lot that is well maintained can last up to a dozen years. At that point, bumps and cracks can become a problem and you’ll have to re-pave.

The trouble is, re-paving can cause headaches for property managers and tenants. You wind up with limited or even no parking available on the property in the short term, which can result in a longer walk for tenants from their car to the building. Even worse, repaving can be noisy and create an influx of dust.

Over the years, we've implemented a few processes that aim to minimize the impact repaving may have on tenants.

Here are some of the steps we take:

  • Give advance notice: We give plenty of time for property managers and tenants to prepare for the re-paving, so they can make alternate working arrangements or parking plans. Usually a week or two in advance.
  • Recomend alternate parking plans: Depending on the size of the area being re-paved, our team will work with the property manager to recommend safe alternate parking areas where dust and debris will be minimal.
  • Inform tenants of potential impact: Along with the advance notice, we’ll provide details on exactly what we’re going to do and what the potential impact on the property and its tenants will be.
  • Make things right: If things get too dusty and it starts to get especially noticeable on tenants’ cars, we’ll work with the property manager to make things right. In the past, we've given car wash certificates to tenants whose cars were covered with more dust than expected. If the impact is larger in other ways, we’re prepared to think on our feet and make things right, to our discretion.
  • Clean up: It goes without saying that we’ll keep the area as tidy as possible during the re-paving. And once it’s complete, the only evidence that we were ever even there will be your fresh, black, flat, and crack-free, parking lot.

How is your parking lot looking these days? Is it developing bumps and cracks? If so, let us know at CSL Group and you’ll be in good hands.

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