Peace of mind. What does it mean to you? For some, it might mean a sense of comfort and safety. For others, it might be a feeling of being free of financial worries. And then there are those who might believe that peace of mind is knowing that their time is being spent on the right things, that a lot of work they thought they might have to do has suddenly been taken off their plate. Doesn’t the very thought of that just make you want to sit back and say, “Ahhhhh?”

The most successful property managers we know have decided to contract an outside landscaping company to take care of their property based on costs, and that peace of mind.

When making the decision yourself, consider the following benefits of letting a professional company take care of your grounds:

  • You don’t have to think about the cleanliness and safety of your property. If you’ve hired a good subcontractor, you can rest assured that they’ll be on top of things.
  • You don’t have to interview every person that’s going to work on your property, as you would for full-time staff, or manage the day-to-day struggles that employees face. If you hire the right company you can trust that they’ve hired the best.
  • You may save money. You can get access to a full team of individual experts for less than hiring the equivalent number of in-house staff — and you can opt to pay for the services as they come up or set a budget for the season. When it comes to construction projects or even repairs that require material — most larger landscape companies will have access to cheaper materials (since they buy in bulk).

All that being said, we will concede that there are cases when hiring a full-time, in-house landscaping team might make sense. Consider these factors:

  • Heavy workload: If your property has a particularly large amount of landscaping needs, and requires constant, even daily attention, it might be more cost-effective to hire full-time staff to look after it.
  • Unique needs: Maybe you have unique landscape features, like a finely manicured lawn or topiaries. In that case, you might want a specialist on staff.
  • Capacity: If your property manager has the capacity to manage an in-house staff and deal with duties like purchasing materials and tools, this could be the way to go.

Ultimately, the decision to hire full-time staff will be a financial one. We completely understand that. But sometimes you just can’t put a dollar value on peace of mind.

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