If you’re a Seinfeld fan, you know all about parking lot problems. On that “show about nothing,” you learn how easy it is to forget where you parked, causing your just-bought goldfish to die and forcing you to do unfortunate things in public due to your debilitating case of the fictional disease “uromysitisis.”

Okay, these aren’t the most realistic parking lot problems in the world, but they’re pretty funny ones. The kinds of parking lot problems we see aren’t quite as hilarious, but arguably more important (no disrespect to that poor goldfish).

Here are some of the more common pain points property managers face with their parking lots:

  • Safety issues: It’s your responsibility to keep the parking lot free of hazards like potholes, bumps and cracks. You don’t want to be responsible for any injuries or damage to vehicles caused by these issues.
  • Flooding: Catch basins need to be monitored regularly to prevent flooding.
  • Lifespan: On average, a 4-6-inch asphalt parking lot will last about 12 years, though the lifespan depends on the depth of the pavement and the amount of traffic it endures.
  • Sealing: You can maximize the lifespan of your parking lot by sealing holes and cracks. Without regular sealing, water damage can occur.

The good news is that CSL Group can help you with all of these pain points and more. What kinds of parking lot maintenance can we help you with?

  • Line painting. We can come and do it once or you can contract us to do it annually.
  • Full maintenance, including regular walk-throughs. This means pothole and crack repair, asphalt sealing and catch basin monitoring.
  • Seasonal maintenance. Ideally, we maintain your parking lot twice during the warm seasons and monitor your needs on a regular basis. In the winter, we’ll check in at least on a bi-weekly basis to see what needs to be done.

In short, we’ll do just about everything to help keep your parking lot in tip-top shape. Just don’t ask us to clean up after any uromysitisis sufferers.

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